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Mountain View, California, June 16, 2021 ─ Crosscope, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) enabled digital pathology software, announced today that it has established a multi-year research collaboration with AP-HP Greater Paris University Hospitals, Europe’s leading hospital and university center (CHU). The collaboration is aimed to advance the implementation of the Company’s comprehensive Digital Pathology AI platform to improve pathology department workflows and bring its AI technology to improve diagnostic efficiency in liver cancer.

Liver cancer is the third leading cancer-related mortality cause worldwide. Microscopic examination of liver biopsies remains a very challenging task and the gold standard for diagnosing and staging of cancer. The increasing complexity and incidence of cancers coupled with a concomitant rise in demand for subspecialty pathologists are, unfortunately, resulting in increased workloads and delays in diagnosis.

The collaboration led by Prof. Julien Calderaro and his team at the Henri-Mondor AP-HP hospital will include analysis of digitized tissue slide images for cancer detection by Crosscope’s Liver AI solution and implement the platform into its routine pathology workflows. The study will include independent validation of Crosscope’s performance by independent expert pathologists at Henri Mondor AP-HP hospital further followed by a blinded clinical study of the AI performance.

“Crosscope is committed to delivering affordable and comprehensive AI-powered clinical decision support tools to assist pathologists in providing efficient diagnostic workflows,” said Jayendra Shinde, Ph.D., CEO of Crosscope. “We are pleased and excited to enter into this collaboration with AP-HP, to deliver the benefits of Crosscope’s automated system to drive accuracy and efficiency gains. We continue to expand our portfolio of AI modules for additional tissue types with this collaboration focusing on liver biopsies.”

Dr. Julien Calderaro, Professor of Pathology at Henri-Mondor AP-HP hospital, and Principal Investigator of this project said, “We are very excited to collaborate with Crosscope in this important task of improving efficiencies in diagnosis for liver pathologists. This type of AI-based solution platform is very likely to ease pathology workflows and we look forward to demonstrating its performance in a “real-life” setting.

About Assistance PubliqueHôpitaux de Paris / Greater Paris University Hospitals – The leading hospital and university centre (CHU) in Europe, Greater Paris University Hospitals and its 39 hospitals are organised into six hospital-university groups (AP-HP. Centre – Université de Paris ; AP-HP. Sorbonne Université ; AP-HP. Nord – Université de Paris ; AP-HP. Université Paris Saclay ; AP-HP. Hôpitaux Universitaires Henri Mondor et AP-HP. Hôpitaux Universitaires Paris Seine-Saint-Denis) and are centred around five universities in the Île-de-France region. Closely linked to large research bodies, Greater Paris University Hospitals include three international hospital-university institutes (Institut du Cerveau, ICAN, IMAGINE) and the largest French health data repository (EDS). As a major stakeholder in applied research and health innovation, Greater Paris University Hospitals hold a portfolio of 650 active patents, and each year its clinicians sign off nearly 9,000 scientific publications and over 4,000 research projects are under development, all promoters combined. In 2020, Greater Paris University Hospitals were awarded the Institut Carnot label, which is recognition of the quality of partner research: Carnot@AP-HP offers industrial stakeholders applied and clinical research solutions in the health sector. In 2015, Greater Paris University Hospitals also founded the Greater Paris University Hospitals Research Foundation to support the biomedical and health research performed in all its hospitals.

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