About us

The research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has radically transformed because of emerging technologies, like AI, machine learning, and image processing. It is now possible to go beyond the traditional workflows and methods, to extract information and gain comprehensive insights, not visible to the human eye/hidden from human sight, from the digital slides.

Crosscope was founded with a goal to build next generation computational pathology tools that enable and accelerate image analysis, support collaboration, and enhance pathology workflows. Led by our team of experts in pathology, medicine, and emerging technologies, we are on the path to make our footprint in transforming cancer diagnosis, and enabling the best and personalized patient care.

Our Mission

Radically transforming patient care by unlocking the power of AI

We are building a vendor neutral pathology ecosystem environment to accelerate broad adoption of digital pathology. Our goal is to facilitate deploying scalable Artificial Intelligence and Computational Pathology tools to provide a better standard of care for individuals around the globe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable next generation AI-powered telepathology for medical image information extraction and precision diagnostics

What Sets Us Apart- Our Approach


Access to proprietary datasets for product development

Clinical Expertise

Direct access to global medical experts


Expertise with AI, Pathology and Medical Software development

Open Pathology

Vendor agnostic, scalable and flexible IMS for laboratory’s digital evolution

AI Utility

Pathologist centric augmentation models

Meet our advisory team

Julien Calderaro, MD

Professor of Pathology
Hospital Henri Mondor, Paris, France

Jeanne Shen, MD

Professor of Pathology
Stanford University, USA

Olivier Gevaert, PhD

Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Stanford University, USA

Bharti Ramnani, MD

Chief of Pathology
OrangeLife Healthcare & Hiranandani Hospital


Jayendra Shinde, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Ketan Bacchuwar, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

Puneet Pantane

Co-Founder & CBO

John Jackson, PhD

Chief AI Engineer

Dmytro Lituiev, PhD

Data Scientist

Meir Silver, PhD

VP Of Strategic Alliances

Partners & Supporters

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