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Artificial intelligence in Cancer imaging and diagnosis

The increasing incidence of cancer and the need for personalized cancer care has created a pressing need for accurate diagnosis and biomarker evaluation. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning have led to rapid computational pathology and precision medicine advancements. Pathologists are increasingly adopting and leveraging these technologies to deliver the right diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment to cancer patients.

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Next generation diagnostic pathology - Leveraging AI to Reshape the practice of Pathology

Pathology is undergoing a transformation with an increase in workloads and the need for efficient workflows to improve the quality of diagnosis. Computer-assisted diagnosis and automated image analysis are becoming key to workflow standardization. Whole Slide Images are an accurate representation of scanned glass slides, at a high resolution and are diagnostic quality images, that aid in creating diagnostic algorithms or applications that can augment the diagnostic workflow.

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Explainable AI for whole slide Image analysis

The widespread adoption of whole slide imaging has increased the demand for effective and efficient gigapixel image analysis. Our data scientists are transforming computational pathology by harnessing the power of explainable AI to empower pathologists for making accurate and faster decisions by building a diagnostic assistant. This shift from black-box AI (deep learning) to explainable AI solves the concerns related to trust, confidence, and transparency with our end users to adopt AI in pathology workflows.

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